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First Grader

where you meet the system


Making Aliyah is the greatest accomplishment! We dream, plan, research, pack our bags and go ... We are met with excitement and promise of a special and meaningful future. But now what? We are here and don't know how to choose a school for our kids, we don't speak the language and the system is cumbersome. Its so different from Jewish school in the Diaspora and that much more so from the Public schools! People have the best intentions but it doesn't always translate into easily guided steps.

The dream is great and now I'm called on to pave the path.

Looking for a Book


I really love working with Olim. It reminds me of the courage , perseverance and clarity that our nation is built on and my own Aliyah some 17 plus years ago. I feel indebted to be of service by being an aid to translate the cultural differences we meet when coming here. Jewish school choices in the Diaspora are relatively simple and limited in choice. In Israel there are many many options and with that many MANY colors and patterns to choose from. In my work with Olim I have found that we need to clarify and prioritize four values; Religious, Nationalistic, Academic and Social.

Tasked with making the dream come into Reality!

Primary School Desks


Educational Institutions are secondary socialization places, where, after our family homes, lasting identities are molded and built. As such, the school choice can be loaded, and it is my vision that all Olim should be aware of the choices they are making and guided to choose the most fitting and appropriate school system for their family. Come along for the ride!

This process itself is rich with meaning and growth...

High School Friends
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