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I'm Murielle Bendavid


All New Beginnings Require That You Unlock A New Door


let's journey together!

I believe in a child's natural ability to learn! In my eyes, education needs to be child-centered, constructivist and matching their academic needs and learning style. These values are what create the foundation for well balanced, curious and happy children who take part in their own healthy evolving development.

My diverse background combines Psychology, Sociology, Jewish & Childhood Education. As both a teacher and a mother I know first hand how important it is to make sure our children receive the education and support they need so they can reach their full potential. As an educator in the Israeli school system, mother and Israeli citizen I have navigated the school system on many fronts. From the professional setting as a teacher placing, guiding and putting assistance in place for students to my own family; I know how to identify and then organize the support a child needs. This journey can be a confusing maze - I'm here to guide your way and show you that there are a lot of resources available at every age and stage!

A bit More About Me 

I have was born and raised in Montréal, Canada. From a young age I loved working in education. I spent my summers at Camp Massad, a sleep away camp as a counsellor, quickly advancing to Head Staff then Program Director then Assistant Director. During the year while studying Psychology and Sociology at McGill University I worked as a preschool teacher developing and fine tuning the Jewish curriculum. Immediately I saw the need for educational appropriateness. For each child to get what they need and for the content to be tuned in and specialized. In 2005 I made Aliyah straight to Yerushalayim and studied Torah for four years while teaching and tutoring. As well, getting a Masters Degree in Jewish Education at the Hebrew University I had the pleasure of meeting many different people from many different backgrounds and was challenged with the task yet again of finding the right avenue for each student. After getting married and having my own, growing, family of five (BH!) I encountered the Israeli educational system first hand from within. Most recently, I worked as a Ganenet, preschool teacher, at a semi- private multi-age Waldorf kindergarten and am involved in the greater educational community.

I accompanied my own children, teens and young ones, in the process of pin pointing the correct school for them. Sorting through the options, researching the schools from mission statements to staff and interviews. And getting a good sense of what exists out there and the tools to keep discovering and staying up to date with the ever evolving choices. Israel is unique in that there are many many Jewish schools available with many different shades of educational approaches, religious outlooks and nationalistic twists. There are schools that have been around for decades and schools that just opened this year. All of them have their merit and one of them is great for your child!

While Israel’s educational system is to be praised for its wide range of Jewish educational institutions this expanse field can be quite confusing for the Oleh or new parent or parent looking for something different for a different child. It’s so important to know what your child and what your family needs are. There are several tools to uncover this. The process for applying and getting accepted varies from school to school. There is a general methodology and then there are certain paths and doors that can help quicken the process and make the journey simpler and more clear. From experience knowing the right people makes a big difference. I have such worked with families that have gotten rejected from schools without knowing why, or that have not been able to navigate the Municipality. After working with some of the children I met it became clear that they had a need that was unclear prior to our work and together we worked on attaining this in their new school.

I have achieved success in helping parents support their children's educational journey in the public sector. Due to so many people reaching out to me for help I have put together an easy roadmap through my private sessions and services to give access to supporting more families on their journey. I am grateful to be able to be of service and encourage you as you encounter this journey. My services make sure children and their families get the right education, environment and attention. From being accompanied through the application process to being set up with the right program for success in their school; I'm here to help.

AN Experienced EDUCATOR

 2018 - Present

2015 - 2018

2011 - 2015

2010 - 2011


2003 - 2008

2006 - 2007

Educational Director of Preschool, Menahelet Gan, GAN SHOVACH, Jerusalem

Responsible for building the curriculum & Educational Journeys.

Core Focus: Planning and implementing activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children while engendering an environment that builds the children's esteem and empowers them to make independent choices.

Collaborating closely with Ministry of Education staff and supervisors

Collaborating closely with teachers, administrators and parents in the development, evaluation, and revision of preschool programs

Educator MAYANOT REBBE CHIYA, Jerusalem, Israel

Worked Closely with the educational staff to create an experiential learning environment for mixed aged classes. 

 Responsible for The English & After School Programmes, YANKUTA, Jerusalem,  Early Development, Environment, Class Program Management & Teaching.

Teacher and Program Coordinator SHIRAT DEVORAH, Jerusalem, Israel

Experiential Torah Learning, Limudei Kodesh

Core Focus: Empowerment thinking and leadership skills
Worked closely with the director and a team of educators to initiate a Jewish learning institution and community environment for newly observant women.

Program Coordinator NISHMAT

Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies for Women.

Early Childhood Educator HEBREW DAY SCHOOL, Montreal, Canada

Created the Judaic Studies curriculum, taught a class of 20 pre-school children (ages 4-5) and maintained a close rapport with parents and administration
Worked to enhance students’ fine and gross motor skills, with a special focus on developmental stages, communication skills and social skills.

Personal Educator, THE FEUERSTEIN INSTITUTE, Jerusalem, Israel

Worked closely with a low functioning, autistic four-year-old and her professionals to provide intensive mediation and to increase her level of cognitive modifiability
Guidance based on Dr. Reuven Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiabiltiy and the theory of Mediated Learning Experience

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